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Akira Spirulina Plus

Product Details

Akira Spirulina Plus advanced Bio-Active formulation developed by carefully selected natural ingredients for well-balanced nutrition, suitable for Goldfish, Koi carp, Molly, Swordtails All aquarium fishes. It is complete and balanced additions to being fortified with Sprirulina to naturally colour enhance your fish to be highly vibrant colour and healthy.

Akira Spirulina Plus floating type 1mm sizes pellets with Sprirulina and suitable for all aquarium fish species such as Goldfish, Fancy Carp, Swordtails, Angelfish, Molly, Cichlids, Betta etc.

Feeding Instruction:
*Feed 2 -3 times daily. Sprinkle just enough food that fish can consume within 10 minutes. Do not overfeed because unconsumed food will reduce overall water quality (to the detriment of your fish).

* Adjust the feeding quantity according to water temperature, less in winter, moor in summer.

Rice meal, Fish meal, Wheat flour, Soybean meal, Corn meal, Spirulina and Vitamin and Minerals.

Nutritional Composition

Crude Protein Crude fat Crude Fiber Moisture
28% 3% 4% 10%

Product Code Size
AK-1900  20gm.
AK-1910 100gm.
AK-1911 200 kg.