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Akira Discus Bits

Product Details

Akira Discus Bits Feeding will introduce grater development growth
and shape Powerful Color Enhancing Daily Diet


  1. Akira Discus Bits is the most advanced slow sinking granules type fish food ideal for all Discus, mid-water and bottam feeding fish. It can enhance the body color and accelerate the growth of Discus. It's an essential daily nutritious food for all Discus fish, dwarf cichlid fish, and other finicky fish.
  2. Contains natural ingredients like krill, silkworm pupa and carotenoids which promotes ready acceptance by even the most finicky eaters and also help develop vivid, natural coloration without negatively impacting the bluish tones.
  3. We use 100% natural & carefully selected fresh ingredients and lipids which promote desirable form with growth previously only available using live foods, but without the potential for parasite infestation or excessive odor and mess. carotenoids to help develop vivid, natural coloration without negatively impacting the bluish tones.
  4. Enhanced with natural Ganoderma polysaccharide extract to strengthen the immune response proteins in fish for significantly better immune system, vitality and longevity.
  5. Absorbs water quickly and becomes soft taking on a worm-like texture. Best of all it retains its shape.

Feeding: For best results feed smaller amounts more often instead of two feedings daily. Turning the water flow down when feeding discus can be beneficial. Remove any uneaten food after the feeding period to avoid any health-impacting water quality issues.


The superior Flower horn head growth and color enhancing effect derived from our scientifically enveloped, Akira ™ Bio-Active formula which includes top quality fresh prawns meal, Yeast, Krill, Garlic, Corn, White Germ, Astaxanthin, Canthaxanthin , Protease, Multi-Vitamins, Minerals, Calcium etc.

Nutritional composition:

Crude Protein Crude fat Crude Fiber Moisture
40% 6.5% 5% 5%