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 Akira Mega Plus Highly Nutritious Fish Food for All kinds Aquarium Fish. Akira Mega Plus is prepared special BioActive formulation and strictly selected ingredients and is 100% pure natural resources will not cloudy water. Akira Mega Plus available high phosphorus helps your fish promote fish growth with extra Glucan added that help increase immunity and Astaxanthin natural color-enhanced composition.

Akira Mega Plus floating type 1mm. size pellets with red coated and suitable for all aquarium fish species such as Goldfish, Fancy Carp, Swordtails, Angelfish, Molly, Cichlids, Betta etc.

Feeding Instruction:
*Feed 2 -3 times daily. Sprinkle just enough food that fish can consume within 10 minutes. Do not overfeed because unconsumed food will reduce overall water quality (to the detriment of your fish).

* Adjust the feeding quantity according to water temperature, less in winter, moor in summer.

Fish meal, wheat flour, rice bran, soybean meal, corn meal, phosphorus, carotenoid, vitamin, minerals, Astaxanthin and other trace elements.

Nutritional composition:
Crude Protein Crude fat Crude Fiber Moisture
32% 4% 3% 10%
Product Code Size Remarks
AK-0100 100gm. Nil
AK-0200 200gm. Nil
AK-1000 1kg. Nil
Nil Nil Nil
Nil Nil Nil
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